Get the Funding Your Business Needs in Less Than 24hrs!

Our plans include no fixed payments, making repayment a breeze. Payments are made based on a small percentage of your business's total sales allowing you to focus on other important things, your customers.

  • Credit history isn't important
  • No business plan needed
  • No tax history records required
  • No collateral required
  • Funding in less than 7 days

Your Business Loan Alternative
Helping business owners nationwide qualify for funding

Business Loan Options That Meet Your Needs

We - ve helped business owners nationwide qualify for funding. Lets us help you today!

Having trouble finding a financing option for your business through banks or loan offices? Merchant Cash Advances through Yellowstone Capital can be the answer to your financing problems. We specialize in working with businesses that may not have the best credit history to get the money that they need to put towards their business. In as soon as 48 hours after filling out our quick application, you can find out what financing options are available for your business. In as little as 1 week, your business can have the money that it needs. From renovations, payroll, investments, improvements, or even to compensate for a slow month, you can be covered.
We have the funding and resources to fund any kind of business

Why struggle with tons of paperwork to obtain a loan, and then have to wait for weeks, even months to get a response and possibly be denied financing? Our financing specialists have worked individually with many businesses, and have created a quick application process that will not have you to jump through the hoops that banks set out for you. Our financing specialists are more interested in seeing where businesses can go, than where they have been. We can get our clients what they need - from $1000 or $1 million and everything in between.

Even our payment plan was created to work for you. Rather than have a set payment amount for you to meet each month that you can possibly fall behind on, we have a percentage payment plan that works with your monthly sales. Having a slow month? Then you are required to payback less that month. If your business is doing great, then your proportional payments will have you on your way to completing your payback faster.

Traditional Bank Loans Are Not The Same As A Cash Advance

We approve on average 4 out of 5 of the applications that we receive, so why wait? Our streamlined application is quick and has no risk and no commitment. Apply today and we can start working with you to take your business to the next level. With the investments that will be made possible to your business through a merchant cash advance through Yellowstone Capital, you can get your business moving toward success.

  • Credit history is not important
  • Our repayment terms are flexible - you'll pay a set percentage of your sales back each month - not a fixed sum
  • There's no need for you to provide things like historic tax returns or a business plan in order to be approved
  • We won't demand collateral
  • Our application process is quick and easy - you don't need to jump through hoop after hoop like you do with a bank loan
  • Approvals typically take under 24 hours - the finance you need can be with you in just 7 days

We have a very high pre-approval rate for business cash advances, because we lend to businesses that other institutions refuse to deal with. Due to the high percentage of approvals here at YellowStone Capital it's fair to say you stand a great chance of securing the capital that you need from us. Find out within 24 hours whether we can help you or not - apply for a cash advance today.