Kiva and Fundry Subsidiary Yellowstone Capital celebrated the holiday season Thursday night at Manhattan’s Heritage Museum.

The holiday party was a festive intermingling of small-business innovators from around the world. Kiva is a well-known non-profit micro-lender, connecting western lenders to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Yellowstone is one of America’s oldest and largest merchant cash providers.

Highlighting the evening of holiday festivities was Yellowstone’s gift of $25,000 to support Kiva’s work.

"Yellowstone and Kiva both support small business, and it feels great to give back to a great organization like Kiva," Yellowstone CEO Isaac Stern said. "The holiday season is the time to remember the best reasons to do business -- supporting hard-working people, helping them to obtain prosperity and realize their dreams."

Kiva borrowers include business people from every hemisphere engaged in a variety of businesses including rental management, money wiring services, grocery, and retail sales. Kiva, which has been expanding rapidly, having just opened its New York City headquarters, completes about one loan per eight seconds.