On December 5, Yellowstone CEO Isaac Stern held a winter fundraiser at his home in New Jersey to support a local non-profit all-volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) organization: Hatzalah EMS. The event, open to Fundry employees as well as friends, family, and others from the alternative financing industry, raised over $60,000 for Hatzalah to use to cover the cost of new equipment and daily operating expenses. Stern himself kicked the event off with a $10,000 personal donation, and others quickly joined in.

Yellowstone, and Stern specifically, have reached out to help Hatzalah before. A few years ago, Stern was responsible for getting enough donations from his employees to help Hatzalah purchase a replacement ambulance. Since then, Yellowstone has helped come up with the funding to purchase two additional ambulances, and Stern has worked to help cover Hatzalah’s monthly operating costs since then.

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