Freelancing: The New 9 to 5

Recently published estimates put the number of freelance workers at approximately 53 million American employees. That's roughly 34% of the nation's workforce! Economic forecasts report that the conversion of traditional employment relationships to freelancing will continue to increase, with some estimates in the 50 percent ballpark within the next 5 years, making freelance…

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Preventing Fraud In the Merchant Cash Advance Industry

Stricter lending policies and increased regulations are making big banks more reluctant to offer loans to small companies. That is causing many small businesses to turn to merchant cash advances as a quick, easy way to get funding for development or expansion of their business endeavors. However it is important to be wary of the different organizations out there that…

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Are Banks Starting To Lend More To Small Businesses?

The approval rates of loans for small businesses dropped significantly after the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent recession, and they still haven’t fully recovered. However those numbers have been rising somewhat over the last few years -- with several caveats.

According to a study published by Biz2Credit,…

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Personal Relationships Can Be a Powerful Determining Factor In Small Business Lending

Banks and large, headline-grabbing merchant-cash funders tend to rely on hard numbers, especially those taken from credit history reports, when determining the eligibility of a small business’s credit.

However that data alone is often not enough to make the best decision possible. Rather, the more subtle, and…

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