Dental Office Financing

It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out our short application form to see if you qualify for our dentistry business loan. Remember there's absolutely no commitment and no upfront cost – and the best thing is that your loan could be in your account in just a matter of days!
Dental Office Financing

Dental Office Financing

It's no secret that obtaining finance in the current economic climate is particularly difficult. Lenders like banks and credit unions are being increasingly picky about who they do and don't lend to, which is causing a lot of problems for business owners, including dentists. If you've found that revenue is down and you're starting to teeter on the brink then remember that it doesn't have to be like that. We can help you with a dentistry loan to help sure up your business, and get it back on an even keel.

Repayments are Based on Future Sales

Lots of business owners decide to snub financing altogether because they don't like the prospect of having to make repayments. We understand the stigma attached with repayments, that's why we won't be taking any fixed amounts that you may not be able to afford; instead we'll take a percentage of your businesses' sales going forward – so the only repayments that will be made are repayments that your business can afford.

If you use the dentistry loan to build your business and increase turnover then your repayments will be higher than someone who just uses the finance to stabilize their business whilst it weathers this economic storm.

What's A Business Cash Advance?

A business cash advance is something that you may not have encountered before – and that's fine, because they aren't as common as bank loans. The fact is that cash advances are becoming an increasingly popular way for business owners to borrow money – completely avoiding the need to borrow from banks and credit unions, who both have lots of demands like a clean credit history, and collateral. A cash advance is basically just an unsecured small business loan, and it's a great alternative to traditional methods of lending. By filling in the form on your left you'll have an answer as to whether we can lend you the cash that you need within 24 hours.

If things are tight and you're not sure who to turn to for the money that you need in order to secure the survival of your business, it's definitely worth filling out the application form on your left. It doesn't take long to fill out at all – and within just a few hours you'll know whether or not we can help you.

Remember that we also offer equipment financing, which is again very useful for those in the dentistry sector. Read more here:

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