Liquor Store Financing

If you're having trouble in finding a bank that will make a loan to your liquor store then fear not, because here at YellowStone Capital we offer liquor store financing. We do things differently – we don't require piles of tax returns of collateral, so make sure you get in touch with us today.
Liquor Store Financing

What is an Alternative Loan?

If you're having cash flow problems and you're on the hunt for business financing, look no further than us right here at YellowStone Capital. Even if you've spent weeks or months trying to unsuccessfully get loans from banks and credit unions, we can still help you. We don't offer traditional loans – we offer specialist business cash advances, which are becoming an increasingly popular way to borrow.

What's the catch?

With our cash advance loans there is no catch. The application process is much shorter than the process you have to go through for a bank loan, and the time in which you can receive the funds for your business is around 7 days.

What makes cash advances so popular is that there's no set amount to repay each month, instead your business will make repayments based on future sales. That means that if your business has a very strong month, your repayments may be high (but in line with net income), but if your business has a bad month, your repayments will reflect this. These repayment terms tend to work great for clients because it means their business doesn't become over-burdened with debt going forward.

The Application Process

The application process is very straight forward – simply fill out a few forms and we'll let you know whether or not you're eligible. Our application process is very fast and easy because we don't require you to submit things like tax returns to us to sift through. We don't ask for any personal collateral either with our cash advances. Because the application process is so quick, the money is usually paid to your account in around 7 days – which is much faster than other borrowing alternatives such as a bank loan.

What Can I Use it for?

It's your business, so we'll leave that up to you. Typically liquor store financing is well spent on things like stock or even used to pay off outstanding invoices from suppliers. If your business is already performing strong but you'd like to open a store in a new location, our liquor store financing is also good for funding such expansions.

Fill out the short application form on the left of your screen in order to determine whether you're eligible for our liquor store financing. You could find out whether you are or not in less than 24 hours – so what have you got to lose? We a have a whole range of other business financing available too, take a look here:

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