Bar & Nightclub Financing

Navigating through the procedures involved in obtaining a traditional bank loan may have you awake longer than your patrons. Our Yellowstone Capital experts have experience in tailoring the perfect financing plan for those in the nightclub industry. Although each business is unique, we have streamlined our approval process which not only saves you time, but also increases the chances of your application being approved.
Nightclub Financing

Obtaining Working Capital Through Financing

Much like in many other industries, managing a nightclub requires money to make money. Keeping up with consumer expectations, new industry technology, and promotion in a slow economy takes capital. Through experience we know how money is being used to run a nightclub and what it takes to move your business towards increased success. With this knowledge we are more likely to offer you a cash advance than a bank loan that looks at generic expectations of all businesses.

Unsecure cash loans through Yellowstone Capital leave more time and effort for you to put into your investments. Banks require all businesses that are seeking loans to jump through a series of hoops; from tax returns, credit history and sales figures, we would rather you focus your efforts on your running your business smoothly, and not shuffling through paperwork. We also save you time by offering quicker approvals and responses – less hurdles and paperwork means less for our experts to review, and your business can have the money it needs in a matter of days. Time is money, and we can add to your account in both ways.

What else can a merchant cash advance do for your nightclub?

  • Maintenance is constant, and keeping up with trends requires constant upgrading and refurbishment.
  • Sometimes bigger is better; expanding venues into adjacent vacancies can completely change the vibe, and cash-flow of your business.
  • Adding a new recreation area such as an outside patio expands and diversifies your venue.
  • A few slow nights may short your funding for a delivery; a cash advance will secure a shipment of spirits for a busy night after a few down days. Product means profit, so we can make sure that you have what you need.
  • Nightclubs competition is brutal and with all the potential upgrades to your business, new promotional opportunities due to increased capital will bring your clientele in, and your investments will keep them coming.

By filling out our short application, you can quickly have your nightclub on its way to receiving the funding that it needs in a time of slow economic growth and a time when banks are less likely to give you a hand. In an industry where keeping up to date is key, you have no time to waste in keeping your nightclub in the past. Remember there are no commitments and no upfront costs, so you've got nothing to lose!

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