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Financing your restaurant with a merchant cash advance may help you cook up a new future for your business. Aging equipment, inability to execute front of house improvements or buy the ingredients and supplies to run your business due to low finances will only lead your restaurant further into the red. Here at Yellowstone Capital, we can finance your business up to $1 million with an unsecured cash advance. Don’t allow your business to be drowned in bills or plagued with low revenue, and invest in your business today using a cash advance. We serve restaurants of all sizes – from small diners to a small chain of restaurants, our experts can help your business get what it needs.
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In recent times independent business owners have experienced difficulty in obtaining bank loans. Unless your restaurant is already doing well according to finite standards, banks are usually not willing to lend you money. The current state of the market dictates traditional loans to favor prospering businesses, which allows them to further prosper, but here at Yellowstone Capital, we are also willing to help underperforming restaurants get back on their feet.

Bank loans require you to provide a lengthy list of required documents. Financial statements, credit history, and tax returns that span years are just some of the aspects of their applications – not to mention the required collateral. We know that you didn’t enter the business to sit in an office and deal with paperwork, so our streamlined, quick application process can have you back to managing your restaurant in no time.

Often restaurateurs choose our cash advances over bank loans because of our flexible payment plans. Fixed repayment rates on loans often put a business further in debt, completely diminishing the purpose of investing. Our cash advances are repaid with a percentage of your sales. If your restaurant is having a slow month, your payment will be smaller - conversely if your business is thriving, your proportional payment will have you on your way to meeting your payment balance quicker.

Many of our clients have used our cash advances in various ways to improve their businesses:

  1. Assuring that nothing item is “86’d” or missing from their menu because of an inability to purchase ingredients due to finances.
  2. Maintaining back of house equipment to ensure that their business is running smoothly and able to produce at the volume needed to be successful.
  3. Keeping up with health code requirements in which violations will cost a restaurant thousands of dollars in fines, or force their doors closed indefinitely.
  4. Improving their front of house appearance to enhance their costumer’s dining experience.
  5. Marketing through various outlets, including social media to entice new clientele.

Our applications are quick, risk free and do not require a commitment. In a matter of days you can find out how much you will be able to invest in your business. Apply today and our experts can begin to help you to get the money that you need.

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