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In an industry where corporations are king, your business may need an edge to remain competitive. Here at Yellowstone Capital we can insure that your not driven off the road by big business by providing you with an unsecured merchant loan.
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We'll Provide Financing for Your Trucking Businesses

Our financing specialists have worked with businesses in the independent trucking industry and know that at times, you may just need some extra cash. Our clients have used money toward payroll, vehicle maintenance, driver training, insurance payments, and even purchasing new trucks to name a few outlets.

The obstacles involved in simply applying for a traditional bank loan may be more difficult than a commercial driving test. Banks will require your business to provide years of tax returns and financial statements, or can even ask you to propose how you plan on spending your loan capital. The financing specialists at Yellowstone Capital rely on a short application that you can fill out in a matter of minutes, and this is the information we have been using to finance businesses for years. We do not want you jumping through hoops; we would much rather you focus on putting your capital toward investments that will benefit your business.

A cash advance is not a traditional loan. Unlike a bank, we do not require you to put your assets or a collateral at risk. And also unlike a loan, instead of dealing with varying interest rates and high payment plans, we offer you a fixed rate payment plan that is only contingent on how well your business is doing. If your business is in the slow lane for a while, no need to miss a payment, we just require you to pay less. This makes borrowing money less risky for you.

Will you look at my Credit Rating?

We like to think of credit rating as something in the rear view mirror. Traditional business loans frequently rely solely on credit rating, but our merchant cash advances do not. A big reason why business owners choose financing through Yellowstone Capital is because of our higher rate of approval. At times businesses have come to us for their financing needs, after having been denied by a bank, and sometimes business come straight to us to avoid the lengthy bank-loan process all together.

How Long Does Approval Take?

A shorter application that you have to submit means a shorter wait for you to hear back from one of our financial experts. Typically an approval can be granted in 24 hours or less. Don’t wait around for months to hear back from your bank loan manager, only to possibly be denied at the end of the strenuous process. You can know the status of your financial future within a day. Once approved your business can have the money that it needs in about a week. The sooner that you have your capital, the sooner that you can begin investing and growing your company to its full potential.

Apply today in a matter of moments through our short no risk, no commitment online application. One of our financing specialists will reply to you as soon as possible to help guide you through any questions or concerns you may have, and we will work with you to get the best financial plan for your business.

How Long Does Approval Take?

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