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Not a Loan

No fixed interest or payment. The payback is driven by your business sales.

No Collateral Required

No collateral, no personal guarantee, no minimum credit score.

No Need to Process CC's

We have programs that can get you financed. As long as your business is open and generating revenues, you are eligible.

Alternative Business Financing

A loan alternative is a cash advance against your future sales. If you have sales of at least $2500 per month, you have already met that particular requirement. There is no need for collateral because your flexible repayment schedule is fully automated from these sales. On the other hand, a traditional bank loan, especially for minorities, will have certain qualifications that existing businesses can't meet, regardless of minority status. Traditional minority business loans are geared specifically for new businesses. Our loan alternative is only available to businesses that are already up and running. Apply today & you can be approved tomorrow.


Please note, we do not do startups at this time


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