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"With Brian's help, we have grown from a small operation in Indiana to offices in Seattle, Philadelphia and more recently Nairobi, Monrovia and Albania."

Brian Steinberg produced Immediate, positive results for me and my company. Nothing fuels the ambitions of the American Small Business more effectively than financing and for us Brian delivered and continues to deliver. We mostly retired Navy guys say "BZ's" (look it up Navy Bravo Zulu) to Brian Steinberg for knowing that the next industrial revolution is led by small businesses like ours.

Ray D. President & CEO R. Associates, Inc

In a time that we needed some working capital, Brian did an excellent job of providing cash for us. He was committed to taking care of us.

Diane C. Charlotte Family Yoga Center

"I would highly recommend Mr. Steinberg to help with your financing needs."

Brian was instrumental in helping my business obtain financing when I couldn't seem to get it elsewhere. From the beginning of the process to the end, it was painless. I needed cash in a hurry and he was there to help. I would highly recommend Mr. Steinberg to help with your financing needs.

Verlene E. Owner/Director Crayons 2 Computers Child Care Center

"I look forward to many years of business with Yellowstone Capital."

Elliot Klein is my account representative. I have been very pleased with his handling of my account, his promptness, and his eagerness to do business with me. I look forward to many years of business with Yellowstone Capital and Elliot Klein. I would gladly recommend Elliot to any fellow businessman looking for financial assistance.

Erik E. Owner Riverland LD&S, Inc.

"Right away Jason and I developed a rapport that made me feel like a person. I was not an applicant, a credit-score, a commission, or someone who he could make a 'quick buck' off of."

First, and foremost to Mr. Jason Maldonado. I first met Jason about six months ago when he was working with a competitor. Right away he and I developed a rapport that made me feel like a person. I was not an applicant, a credit-score, a commission, or someone who he could make a "quick Buck" off of. This company guaranteed funding within 72 hours. Jason gathered all the information he needed and started the process right away. He contacted me at least twice a day provide me with an update as to where underwriting was in the process.


Understand here that I was not the typical applicant. It has been my experience that once someone hears you have the title "doctor", cash flows to you like the waters of the mighty Mississippi. Two years to me inquiring with Jason I was in a terrible auto accident, and as a result could not practice. Without me being there it took all my savings and lines of credit just to keep the doors open. When I finally was back at work I was greeted by a wonderful economy filled with "IOU". Bounced, and fraudulent check payments. The only way to keep my practice going was to find someone to understand what I went through, and that a near perfect credit score does not drop to the mid 500's for no reason. Due to Jason's intelligence and attention detail he recognized that things just did not add up.

Thank God he took the extra time with me to listen, take copious notes, and convey that information to the appropriate people in the right places.

About a week passed, and at this point I was beginning to think that the deal was dead. Little did I know that he had spent so much of his time and efforts both in and out of the office to make my deal work, and was able to get me funded which at the time was an absolute life saver. Or was it? When the deal was to be funded I never heard from Jason again. I got phone calls from other people whom I had never spoken too. When I would ask for Jason, all the people would tell me was that he was out. I was so concerned because I found a portfolio manager that I deep down trusted. That loan did fund, and I was granted $18,000.00. Mind you Jason Maldonado never saw a penny for all of his hard work and investigation. He in essence was back doored by greedy money hungry parasites who preyed off of his hard work and dedication to my application.

The whole experience with Jason's previous company was a four month period filled with lies, deceipt, and the loss of a of "fees" that I was not made aware of. Angry, and dismayed, No one at the company would let me speak the Jason Maldonado, the man I trusted.

In November of this past year I was due to receive the second half of my advance. Imagine the humiliation I felt when the company said that they had serious doubts that I had the ability to pay the money back. Wait just one minute. I paid the first installment back early, not to mention all the fees that went along with it. At one point, a senior under writer could not even find me in the system. What a joke. A company that will not be there long for sure.

It was so ironic that later that week I get a text from Jason Maldonado. He just called to check in to see if everything went okay for me as he was the one who started the deal. Even though he was now with a different company, he made absolutely of it whatsoever. When I asked him why they were not letting me speak to him, and that I wanted to do my second draw to buy a piece of equipment, he told me he could not help with that. When I asked him why he simply stated he had a job change. Here again, he made no mention or attempt to solicit me away from another bank. That should tell you right there that this man has ethics that cannot be compromised, and that is something that our world, especially our business world really lacks today; honesty.

We talked for about ten or fifteen minutes about the weather, football, me asked me about my health and how I was feeling. You know just generic, but meaningful conversation. We talked about the business world and how tough it is to be young professionals, and how we worry about our futures, our families, and our friends. Who does that with someone he has never met face to face? I did because he treated me as person six months ago, and I did not forget that. In short we developed a rapport and a business relationship that I know will last a long time to come. Anyhow, as the conversation drew to an end, I asked him what he was doing now. Without any intent of predacious solicitation, he casually mentioned that he was working for a company called "Yellowstone". And left it at that. He failed to mention that it was a funding company similar to the one he understood at that point I still had a working relationship with.

So I asked him what Yellowstone was all about. When he told me that it too was a funding company, I knew that I was going to have to talk to Jason again really soon. Not a week went by before I called him back, and I found myself applying with a new company. They too the same types or programs of cash advance with approval within 72 hours. It did not take that long! Jason went to bat for me once again, and went to some outside lenders who did not want to fund the loan because I was too high risk. Jason would not accept that as an answer because he knew that that was not the case at all. What it really boiled down to is that a guy got into an accident, and had a tough two years of recovery. A guy who fell into the vast sea of credit score boats that always sink. Right? Absolutely not! Jason is and will always be that light house that led my practice back to shore and kept me healthy when I needed it.

When I applied for the last loan, the staff and owners of Yellowstone were able to look at my whole history over the last four to five years and realize that my business is viable, and is a good risk to make a loan for. I thank all those who spent the time to review my application and listen to Jason, and all of the investigation and "homework" that Jason did on my business. In many ways Yellowstone has saved my business giving it the opportunity to update equipment to stay on the cutting edge, to send my staff to classes to better their knowledge, and all that adds up to a better practice. A better practice means more patients, and more patients means more revenue, and more revenue means a more secure future for me and my family. And all of this happened because one man took the time to listen to me, to my story, and my needs. That man is Jason Maldonado and the outstanding company that he works for; Yellowstone Capital. To this day everyone I have spoken to here has been professional and courteous. This has been an all around great experience! And I am proud to say that the loan they made for me just two short months ago is just about paid up, and additional funds are available if I may need them. I highly recommend Yellowstone for all of your business needs. It really is funding with a personal touch. Thank you Jason. You truly are a pleasure to do business with. Now you just need to start negotiating education loans for my kids as they all seem to want to go to USC!

Will Koett DDS
Sacramento, Ca.

Dr. William K., DDS Sacramento, CA

"Much easier than working with a conventional bank. Highly recommended."

It has been a pleasure and very professional working with Elliot Klein and Yellowstone. No hidden agendas. No hidden costs. Much easier than working with a conventional bank. Highly recommended.

Mike B. Owner Revenue Systems Inc.

"Efficient and always just a phone call or email away."

Yellowstone Capital is a wonderful company to work with. I specifically work with Elliott, who is nothing but fabulous to work with. He is very efficient and is always just a phone call or email away to help with any problems. Yellowstone has funded us several times and after faxing in minimal paperwork, we have the money in our account the next day. I would recommend Elliott and Yellowstone to anyone needing money for your business.

Leigh Ann B. Golden Kids LLC

I have been working with Mike Samuels for the last 3 years. He has been great to work with and been able to get funding for my business quickly. The process has been great and payback easy to achieve. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me when other lenders would not.

Jan F. Owner The Center For Dance

Yellowstone Capital is not the only funding institution out there, but they are the best one to do business with. They are efficient, hard working and knowledgeable professionals. I would recommend Isaac Stern as one of the best in the business. Through the years he has worked closely with us making many upgrades to our restaurant as well as equipment.

Walter B. Owner Blaser's Fireside Tavern