Think Creatively With Yellowstone

Virtually every rule has exceptions, but most funders refuse to believe this. Lots of merchants with strong ideas for how to improve their businesses in the long run can be turned down by most funding providers if they don’t fit into a neat little box. But at Yellowstone, we love it when our ISOs think outside of the box.


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Fundry/Yellowstone Capital Donates $25,000 To Kiva

Kiva and Fundry Subsidiary Yellowstone Capital celebrated the holiday season Thursday night at Manhattan’s Heritage Museum.

The holiday party was a festive intermingling of small-business innovators from around the world. Kiva is a well-known non-profit micro-lender, connecting western lenders to entrepreneurs…

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All About Yellowstone Capital's ACH Program

Yellowstone Capital Bank-Only ACH

Yellowstone Capital explains their bank-only ACH merchant cash advance program

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Yellowstone Hosts Successful Fundraiser for Union County EMS

On December 5, Yellowstone CEO Isaac Stern held a winter fundraiser at his home in New Jersey to support a local non-profit all-volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) organization: Hatzalah EMS. The event, open to Fundry employees as well as friends, family, and others from the alternative financing industry, raised over $60,000 for Hatzalah to use to cover the cost…

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Meet the Man Behind Yellowstone's Record-Setting Deal

We never get tired of hearing about the incredible things our ISOs are doing. When faced with a deal most funders would say is impossible, you don’t take “no” for an answer. You’re out there making even the most unbankable of deals happen. Difficult industries, tax liens, overdrawn bank accounts, you name it, there’s no situation our ISOs can’t handle thanks to their…

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Make Creative Funding Solutions Possible With Yellowstone

Any ISO can take care of an A or B paper deal for a merchant with good credit. It takes a special kind of ISO to be able to handle a more difficult deal that doesn’t have a simple, straightforward answer. But as a Yellowstone ISO, you are no ordinary ISO because you have the freedom to think outside of the box to handle the most unconventional deals.

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Yellowstone Has the Options You Need to Stay Ahead of the Competition

You might have noticed competition heating up lately. As our industry grows, new funders are setting up shop daily. What many ISOs are discovering is the best way to beat them is offer more options for funding, and get creative when it comes to structuring different deals to accommodate different types of clients.


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Fund More Deals This Holiday Season With Yellowstone

With the Holidays fast approaching, retailers are tooling up and readying inventory for an end of year rush. As your funding partner, we’re ready to help you get more deals done, and meet that needed demand.

Heading into the holiday season, we wanted to share with you a great story about a couple huge wins from…

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Great Things Are Happening at Yellowstone Capital

2015 has been a very exciting year for Yellowstone Capital so far. One of the biggest things happening with us lately is that we just launched a new, redesigned website!

Our new website makes it easier for you to partner with us so you can do more: close more deals and make more money. By partnering with Yellowstone,…

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How Alternative Financing Can Benefit Your Business

There’s one thing all businesses, regardless of size or industry, have in common -- they all need money to be able to exist and grow. How, exactly, they go about getting the funds they need can vary from business to business, though. Some might go the conventional route of getting a bank loan, others might seek out investors, and others might try alternative financing.

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