No Collateral Loans

If you've got no collateral to put down on a business loan, don't write off your hopes of obtaining business finance just yet. Here at YellowStone Capital we offer an alternative form of funding in the way of a business cash advance.

Why Are No Collateral Loans Attractive?

No collateral loans

Traditional loans are time-consuming and require personal funds or property as collateral. Our business cash advance product requires no collateral and you can use it immediately.

No collateral loans are obviously a very attractive proposition for business owners, because it means they don't have to put their prized assets down as a form of insurance in order to obtain financing for their business. The problem with no collateral loans that most business owners fail to understand is that they pay a premium for them – in the way of higher interest. Business owners are also likely to find it hard to obtain a no collateral loan, because of the risk associated for lenders like banks. No collateral loans are typically as expensive as high risk business loans.

Why choose a business cash advance?

A business cash advance is an alternative form of lending. It's not like a traditional loan, and there are several key differences, these are:

  • No fixed repayments: there are no fixed repayments. Instead repayments are made on a sliding scale in line with a percentage of your sales. Therefore if sales are down your monthly repayment will be less – making the repayments less of a burden on your business.

  • Fast application turnaround: traditional lenders such as banks will take time to investigate your credit history; they'll also ask for lots of historic sales figures and also piles of tax returns. We don't require any of those things in order to approve your business for a cash advance. Decisions are usually made in 24 hours – and the cash you need could be with you in just 7 days!

What can I use the cash advance for?

It's completely up to you what you use the cash advance for. You might want to use it to renovate your business premises, or even bring in new lines of stock. You may want to use the money to start developing your own brands or products – it's totally up to you what you use the money for! It always helps to have a business plan in place so you know where the cash will be spent, but it's not essential.

Getting a no collateral loan can be nigh on impossible for many business owners. Don't just give up on your business due to your inability to obtain finance, fill out our short application form right now to see whether or not we can help you!

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